Source: Munemitsu Family Archives

On February 20, 1942, Aki and Kazi’s family, and over 120,000 other Japanese Americans were ordered to leave their homes to be sent to incarceration camps.  Although they had done nothing wrong, their father was arrested unexpectedly by the FBI, and the rest of their family was sent to the Poston Incarceration Camp in early 1942.  However, Aki and Kazi, sick with Chicken Pox before leaving, were separated from their family and were forced to stay at a hospital.  They both were soon reunited with their mother and siblings in the camp but were now forced to reckon with a life absent of the freedoms they once had.  The twins found moments of hope and kindness amid injustice, while their mother and other internees bore the emotional weight of their situation, longing to be free once again.  Only after 3 years, were they reunited with their father, and a year later, were able to return home to California.

Currently in production, to be released in 2022.

Director: Brendan Bubion
Featuring: Aki Nakauchi and Kazi Doi
Animation by: Mengxi Yang
Original Score by: Yurun Wu and Jade Jiaxue
Cinematography: Daniel McCullum
Sound Mixing: Paul Hollman
Sound Design: Aidan Neuner
Animation Compositing: Roxy Jin

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